Can I Dj here?

1) You can join the chat and ask for detatils
2) You can email Admin@livegrooves.com
Be prepared to send a link to a posted demo and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

Can I post my producer music here?

Use our contact form with the subject "Producer Demo" and paste links to one or more of your tracks via SoundCloud. We'll message you back whether we think you're music is up to par or not.

I love this site and want to support it, how can I help?

We greatly apprecaite your support and kindly ask that you make a donation. We also really like folks to suscribe and donate monthly or yearly. Thanks for your continued support.

How can I listen on Mobile Devices ( iPad / iPhone / Android / Tablets / etc. )

We now have the abiltity to stream and chat using the "Ustream app" ( free download for all mobile devices)
Here are links to get you going:

iPhone Android

Once installed, simply do a search for "Livegrooves".
Note: when the video starts playing, tap the bottom to bring up a menu the conversation icon will being up the chat.

How can I listen to Livegrooves without Video?

No problem, if you hit the webapge on a mobile deivce, it will send you to a page that has a shoutcast player.
We also encourage you to install any free shoutcast app on your mobile device. Seach "livegrooves", Add to Favorites and Enjoy.
You can also click on any of these links to get to it directly:

Winamp windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime

Chat Rules

Respect the DJ - No music requests, let them do their thing! Constructive Criticism only!
This chat room has strict rules that require ALL users to follow in order to maintain integrity and safety for LiveGrooves participants.
This is an English speaking site. You're not allowed to use extremely offensive language, promote hate mail, violence and other negative issues.
This chat room will ban anyone for the use of links for their own self promotion, any form of advertising, or flooding (continually filling the chat window with repetitive text.)
Typing with caps lock on is usually considered shouting and is discouraged.
Please dress appropriately if you decide to go on webcam - as if you were in a club setting. Nudity isn't tolerated.
You'll be warned first offence. Second offence, you'll be banned for not complying with these rules.

LiveGrooves Guidelines

1: The music allowed on this site is anything that's considered Electronic Dance Music. The more popular genre's played here are: Deep House, Electro House, Drum 'n' Bass, Dubstep, Jackin' House, and Trance.
2: While spinning, you must have an external webcam. This is mandatory!
3: You must be in the chatroom while you are spinning. If you are having troubles keeping connected, use the "POPOUT CHAT" to maintain a connection.
4: Be courteous to everyone, even if they're being rude. Maintain your calm. Use the Ignore feature in the chatroom.
5: If you schedule a time slot, you must play it. If something comes up, please find someone to fill your time slot, or remove yourself out of the slot. If you're at last resort, please report your absence to us via the contact form with the subject "Unable To Play Set" stating that you can't play your set.
6: Please post your event as much as possible. Yes, it isn't fun, but is a much needed thing for the growth of the site, and yourself. Post to Facebook, your Facebook page, LiveGrooves Facebook pages, Facebook Group pages, message friends, your Twitter, Google+, or even texting!
7: While spinning, be mindful of the viewers. Get on the mic and engage them, do shout-outs to chat guests.
8: Please do Audio Drops for the channels identification along with your own.
9. Push the limits on making your show fun and visually intriguing. Make the cam shot interesting, and use cool angles. Use multiple cams if you can. Use overlays & masks. All of these are easy to do with Wirecast.
10. Most importantly! Have fun and spin one hell of a set!

How do I stop the ADVERTISEMENTS that show up while watching the stream?

Yes, Ustream has ADs, it is something that we can somewhat control by installing an add-on called: ADBLOCK +
Click the link for the corresponding browser you use to install the add-on.
ADBLOCK + for Firefox
ADBLOCK + for Chrome
Here is a tutorial to make sure you've setup ADBLOCK + correctly: ADBLOCK + Setup TUTORIAL
Finally, here is a link to EASYLIST, which allows you to disable the ADs in different languages.

Can I chat from my Phone?

Yes, you can. We are using IRC. Any free IRC app for your phone will work.
server address: irc.mixxnet.net Port: 6667 Channel name: #livegrooves

CHAT FUNCITONS (ONLY work with No Font or Color)

!chat - shows a link for Pop-Out Chat
!mixify - shows the link for our Mixify Event
!record - shows the link to record sets
!w [your zip code OR city state OR city country - gives the weather report
!forecast [your zip code OR city state OR city country - gives the forecast
/nick [newname] - Allows you to change your nickname
!pie [nickname optional] - throw a pie
!cake [nickname optional] - throw cake
!shots [nickname optional] - serve shots
!beer [nickname optional] - serve beers
!margarita [nickname optional] - serve margaritas
!wine [nickname optional] - server wine
!smoke [nickname optional] - just try it
!hugs [nickname optional] - just try it
!tune - sends the Dj some love

Livegrooves Audio Drops VERSION 2 - Download Here (Right Click & Save)

How does the 'NEW' Real-Time Schedule Work?

Dj's must SIGN IN, then go to DJ TOOLS and select Book House/Trance. (works on cell phones)
Click on the boxes, they have been adjusted for you automatically. 5PM, is your own 5PM.
No more Math figuring out Timezones. And this will also eleviate Daylight Savigns Time changes around the world.
Please Note: This is on the Courtesy System, I prefer all your time to be logged. No hogging, and no-over booking months in advance.
DO NOT BOOK - IF YOU CANNOT MAKE YOUR SLOT!! Emergencies do happen, please un-book and inform an Admin.
WARNING, No-Shows will be recorded by admins.

For further questions please email: admin@livegrooves.com

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