LiveGrooves Guidelines

1: The music allowed on this site is anything that's considered Electronic Dance Music. The more popular genre's played here are: Deep House, Electro House, Drum 'n' Bass, Dubstep, Jackin' House, and Trance.
2: While spinning, you must have an external webcam. This is mandatory!
3: You must be in the chatroom while you are spinning. If you are having troubles keeping connected, use the "POPOUT CHAT" to maintain a connection.
4: Be courteous to everyone, even if they're being rude. Maintain your calm. Use the Ignore feature in the chatroom.
5: If you schedule a time slot, you must play it. If something comes up, please find someone to fill your time slot, or remove yourself out of the slot. If you're at last resort, please report your absence to us via the contact form with the subject "Unable To Play Set" stating that you can't play your set.
6: Please post your event as much as possible. Yes, it isn't fun, but is a much needed thing for the growth of the site, and yourself. Post to Facebook, your Facebook page, LiveGrooves Facebook pages, Facebook Group pages, message friends, your Twitter, Google+, or even texting!
7: While spinning, be mindful of the viewers. Get on the mic and engage them, do shout-outs to chat guests.
8: Please do Audio Drops for the channels identification along with your own.
9. Push the limits on making your show fun and visually intriguing. Make the cam shot interesting, and use cool angles. Use multiple cams if you can. Use overlays & masks. All of these are easy to do with Wirecast.
10. Most importantly! Have fun and spin one hell of a set!