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Christian Suarez, known to the music world as Exemplar, was born in Naples, FL to Cuban and Puerto Rican parents in '92. Seemingly from birth, Exemplar spent his early years soaking up the musical influences around him. From salsa to disco, and even hip hop to house, it was these diverse influences that solidified Exemplar's unique style.

At a very young age, Exemplar beatboxed nonstop, so much that it became a bad habit; disrupting class and causing a lunchtime ruckus, while using it to make new friends along the way. He later competed in local beatboxing battles and grew as a respected beatboxer in South Florida. At the age of 17, Exemplar met Prince Markie Dee from the iconic hip-hop group “The Fatboys” where he was personally offered the opportunity to jump on tour with the group. It was ultimately Exemplar's skill for beatboxing that jumpstarted the discovery in his drive and passion for music.

When Exemplar's father passed away when he was 11-years-old, he left him with some old-school Technics 1700s and a LOT of records. Thanks to his father and his Uncle Peter Reyes (who is in the Disco Hall of Fame), Exemplar was exposed to DJing very early. With his history of beatboxing and growing love for music, he hopped on those 1700s and kicked off his career behind the decks. It was with these 1700s that Exemplar studied the foundation of DJing, evolving with the music and technology, and morphing into what he is today.

Exemplar has spun almost every genre imaginable, from hip hop to drum and bass, from disco to salsa and everything in between. His favorite genre to spin and produce is techno. More specifically, he features a more funky, deep, glitchy techno. He says that the feel and the vibe of that genre speaks along with the techie side of his personality. He calls it “Euphoria” (the name of his podcast).

Exemplar has played alongside some of the World's most talented DJs and Producers, including Dew Williams with "Strange World," Costantino Padovano of "Sheeva Records," Peter Reyes of "Havana Soul," Richard Vasquez of "The Choice," as well as Lars Behrenroth of "Deeper Shades Recordings," just to name a few. His first EP, "Out of Order," was released on Beatport and debuted at the 2013 Winter Music Conference in Miami.

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