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Born in Genova, Italy 1976; raised in Puerto Rico. Gilbert F. Patrucco aka DJ Zenthai was brought up with the sound of disco and jazz. At an early age he showed an acute sense to music, to an extent that even still in elementary school he would rather do his homework while listening to music. His first electronic music exposure was listening to electro breaks and old school electro boogie, and he would even get down and break dance. At the age of 8, he moved back to Italy and came to know the very beginings of german techno. When he turned 12 years old, he returned to Puerto Rico and there, because techno didn't even exist, he lost all interest in techno and electronic music.

After long years of dealing with society's commercial music; in 1994, being his freshman year in college, he got to know the Club scene. In 1996, after becoming a hardcore clubber, one night he was out as usual at a local club and the DJ puts the record Robert Miles - Children; he couldn't believe what he was hearing, this new sound and melody was overwhelmingly emotional. After that day he decided to learn more of this beautiful music so his focus in music became TRANCE. Since that day he wanted to be a DJ and for 5 years he tried to buy turntables and equipment but always failing. Well, in 2001 he decided to go to the Winter Music Conference in Miami. He stayed with his dear friend Michael Christopher Peralta (DJ Caraz), which introduced him to David Padilla, between other great local Miami DJs. Before he left Miami, he decided to buy vinyls even though he didn't have decks, so Michael helped him out by selling him, from his own collection, DJ Zenthai's first 25 vinyls. After that, without even knowing what a turntable was, he started playing at a local club in Old San Juan, PR called The Gallery Cafe, he would play there at least twice a month for 4 months, in an open-turtable night that would go on every wendsday night, that way he became familiar with the whole "DJ thing".

With some luck and help from his friends D'MarKo, R0uge, JuanK, K-OBA he got a couple of opportunities in PR, to play at clubs like Club Lazer, Enlaces, Baires, Spread. He even had a series of parties made with him and his partner in crime D'MarKo as headliners of the events. But his biggest gig was playing a back to back set with best friend D'Marko in Club O as closing act to DJ Valerie "The Vibe Goddess", a DJ from California, USA. Once this two hit it off as a DJ pair, music production appeard in the picture. Until now he has made 10 songs under the aliases ZenThai, ZT, Abzent, and last but defenetly not least, ZeMai; the latter is a collaboration project with DJ and production buddy D'Marko.

In 2003 he decided to move to Europe, first stopping in Italy and then finally moving to The Netherlands. Here he honed his skills and played in a few pubs and bars in Amsterdam before meeting the woman that would become his wife. Once life with Danielle started, he chose to focus on life and took a hiatus from music production and DJing but never forgetting his love for Trance. In 2009 he moved to Tampa, FL and here he started to reconnect with his music and in 2012 he decided to buy equipment again and started spinning once more. Now he has a show every Saturday at 4:00 pm EST with live video feed, which broadcasts on Livegrooves.com and Mixify.com with an occasional impromptu set here and there.

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Trance, Breaks, Funky and Deep House