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My name is Jasoo ( DJ SLIM . I have been a DJ for 25 years and still going strong. My first gig was a club gig and after begging the resident DJ for about 6 months to teach me how to mix and learn the craft of being a DJ, he finally said yes!!! for the next 6 months I was at that club every Wed, Thurs, Fri and Saturday nights watching and learning. I got to know some of the other DJ's in town when they would come on their night off to say hi to the DJ that was teaching me. I eventually started DJ ing early in the night for the first hour or 2 for free and a couple of drinks...I was in my glory. Yeah I screwed up mixes and levels and even played some tracks that I shouldn't have but I was having fun and I didn't care that I was only playing for 1 or 2 people early in the night. I started coming in to practice on my own before the club opened and I would usually stay and play after the club closed until about 6 in the morning while the cleaning staff cleaned the club. I would just use the monitors in the booth. I did that for almost a year. Then one night I got a call from the Head DJ at a huge club in the downtown area....one of the DJ's called in sick and they needed a guy to come and play ( this is where hanging around and getting to know others in the bizz helps )so I took him up on the offer and ended up working my first gig in a huge downtown club on a Saturday night for a crowd of about 1000 people. I had the time of my life, mixes were good, had a packed dancefloor, a belly full of free booze and I even got paid!!!! The night went really well and I got a huge compliment from the Manager and the Head DJ. After that I started getting more calls to work as a spare and then I landed a residency and the rest is history. I moved from Halifax NS Canada to Vancouver BC Canada back in 1999 and continued my DJ career. I have played clubs as small as 150 people and I have played clubs for a many as 3,000 people. I have worked in Halifax, Moncton, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Chilliwack, Yarmouth. I have played at many Raves "parties" up until 2004 but I still do the odd festival here and there. I still do club gigs with monthly residencies. I am especially fond of 90s music and love doing Throwback nights playing Oldschool and 90s club hits. I love Housemusic, some Hip Hop, and Mainstream tracks. People often assume that because I DJ and play EDM/Housemusic/Hip-Hop that I should listen to it all of the time but in fact when I am not DJing I usually listen to 90s dance music and 70s and 80s tunes. I have had way too many great times DJing too many to mention and some that I maybe don't even want to mention..hehe but I wouldn't trade anything or change anything.

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