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Born on the 12th of august 1988 Jeroen Kolkman was raised in a family that set him free to persue his dreams and help him as much as possible to achieve them.
Growing up in the 90's played a big part in the way he loves the trance music now.

Starting to buy 4 cd packs with only trance music and loving it more with every track he heard, he came to a point that he thought of becoming a dj.
In the year 1999 hearing the dj's like Tiesto rising to the top he new for certain that becoming a DJ would become his lives goal.

Now years later after a hard life at school with many ups and downs but finsishing it none the less, he bought his first dj controller in 2013 and started practicing as much as possible.
With a desire to fly around the world delivering people an awesome night he kept on going.

As he is now some time further and allready upgraded his dj gear as much as possible he started producing music.

He has a long way to go before he can fly around the world, but every dream starts with small steps.

How big he may become is for the future, right now besides his daytime job, djing has become his life and every bit of free time is going into expanding his music library or learning more about music production.

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Uplifting Trance, Euphoric Trance, Bigroom Trance, Orchestral Trance, Vocal Trance